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We love Ibiza. And we do our absolute best to make sure that Ibiza loves us right back!

Our team are experts in the escort agency business and have years of experience running Agencies. We enjoy the industry and our work. And it is especially fun working with all the visitors to Ibiza.

Ally´s Angels is the best escort agency in Ibiza. That is because we treat our business as a business. Professionalism, quality control and communication are as important to us as they are to any well-run business. Everyone in the team also tries to have fun as we work and to be friendly and welcoming with everyone at all times. Which, apparently, isn’t always the case with everyone in our industry!

We take pride in representing our escorts in the most professional and considerate way possible. We  regard the reputations, privacy and safety of our talent as our first job. Apart from the human element, without them we have no business!

As the best escort agency in Ibiza, we regard ourselves as part of the tourism and entertainment industries. And we do our best to bring the same approach and ethos to our work as any good hotel, restaurant or club would. We may not be as big as Hard Rock or as loud as Space, but we want our guests to be just as happy and complimentary.

So the satisfaction of our clients is beyond important to us. We want to give a friendly, honest and helpful service at all times. We also take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We will never betray that under any circumstances.

Feel free to have a look at our social media feeds to see what´s going on in our world. And obviously please get in touch with any questions or suggestions  – be polite!

Hugs and kisses,

Ally x















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